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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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  • BEN (A NOVEL. AND A TRUE STORY.) by Robyn S. Brown


    What if the one person you loved more than anyone in the world wasn't who you thought he was? What if he was someone different? Different yet extraordinary.

    Kate Kirby has been best friends with Ben for as long as she could remember. He was her beloved companion through childhood, and he was her rock and her strength during adulthood. When she faced tragedy, he comforted her. When she lost her way, he guided her home. Even when she pushed him away, he was never far. Through the ups and downs Kate always knew she could count on him. But what she didn't know was that there was much more to Ben than what met the eye. Although ordinary by outward appearances and worldly standards, inwardly there was something indescribable about Ben. Something otherworldly. Would Kate ever realize the truth about her best friend? The truth that was staring her right between the eyes, yet she was blind to see.

    Journey with Kate as she experiences life and faith with a guardian quite literally by her side, and in the process embark upon your own journey of faith that will simultaneously comfort and challenge you.

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  • APOCALYPSE TV by Thomas Allbaugh


    When a reality TV scout “discovers” Walter in a diner near the hospice where his father has been placed, his life has reached a low point. His father is dying, his college teaching career is under heat, and his life is adrift. The scout wants him for a reality show about religion. In a more self-assured period of his life, Walter would have rejected her questionable offer outright, but now he wavers and allows himself to be drawn in. Maybe this is the jolt of energy his life needs. Maybe, if the show succeeds, his university will be so impressed that they'll finally treat him with respect. Maybe the show will even be what the producers promise it will be, a serious inquiry into faith. Maybe he'll become famous.

    The show brings Walter attention, but for all the wrong reasons. He is misquoted, misinterpreted, misunderstood, and then shot after he has been dragged across the country in an increasingly frustrating and absurd series of challenges. Will his career and reputation survive the public protests? Will his marriage survive the hints of affairs on the road? Will any kind of “reality” emerge to restore his self-respect?

    “From the opening pages to the end of this entertaining novel, I was caught up in the story of Walter Terry. What reader could fail to relate to this man's struggle to bring new meaning and significance to his life? His tumultuous reality TV show experience proves just how elusive 'reality' really is. Thomas Allbaugh has created a story to savor, and one that readers will not soon forget.”

    —Joseph Bentz, author of A Son Comes Home and Nothing Is Wasted

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  • WAS JESUS AN EVANGELICAL? by Thomas Reeves

    There are many who use Jesus as an excuse for multiple contradictory beliefs and actions. How do we decide who is right, and who is wrong? How do we discern if our approaches to Jesus and his Church are reflective of his living and teaching regarding the Gospel and the Kingdom of God? Whose interpretation of Holy Scripture is the correct one?

    For many Americans, personal feelings, perceived needs, and religious experiences are the new authorities that trump all others…past or present. Neither the Holy Scriptures nor the Historic Christian Church (who gathered the Scriptures from the Apostles) have been completely cast aside, but both have largely become “suggestive” sources that carry little real weight. In the end, most Protestant groups (Conservative and Liberal alike) continually give themselves over to authorities that promise visible, measurable, and comfortable options in regard to a particular brand of Jesus and his ways. Of course, God is on their team’s side, so victory and success are assured.

    The suggestion of this book is that the above approach to church (of any particular team) only brings a fleeting happiness and a buyer's remorse. Only the real Jesus can give real life, love, joy, and hope. His vehicle for redemption and transformation is the fallible, holy, messy, and faithful Church of Jesus Christ. But it is HIS church. He is the Lord, and only he decides what faithfulness is or is not.

    Is it Jesus that we truly want?

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    I've always said, “If you think you can never find time to get in the Word, leave a bible or devotional book on the back of your toilet.” This book is meant for exactly that.

    For most people, the Bible verse they know off the top of their head is John 3:16. For me, it\'s Philippians 4:13&mdsah;and honestly it's because it was on a decorative, framed print on the wall of my childhood bathroom.

    John in the John contains 61 devotional entries. Pick and choose. Read one daily. Read one entry weekly. Whatever works best for you, find a way to get more scripture in your life.

    Some of my friends have literally “come to Jesus” while in the bathroom—one of the last private places where people can find some quiet time. Hopefully my “in the John” devotional series can help.

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  • ILLUMINATING THE HEART by Stavroula Kalogeras

    We are all searching for
    meaning and purpose

    In the age where identity formation comes from what we purchase and own, people have lost touch with their authentic self. The book provides a way to find meaning and purpose through education, Biblical reference, and storytelling. The boundaries of fact and fiction are crossed by narrative and factual text, as well as story-in the form of a screenplay-which collectively provides perception and experience toward the truth of being. Jesus told stories to inform, to emphasize his points, and to provide life-changing experiences, and so it is that this method is followed in the current work. The author argues for logical reasoning and coherent research, as well as moral humans and compassionate educators, which aligns with Christian philosophy and is supported by extensive literature review and research. The work of research shifts from the brain to brain-heart connectivity and the overarching message is to seek God for direction, bear a strong moral character, and teach like Jesus.

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    We are trying to set agendas. We are moving your organization to conquer the next mountain. Maybe you are trying to motivate your team to meet their next quota. Or perhaps you are simply trying to organize a family of four to arrive at soccer practice on time.

    In this “busy-ness,” leaders often neglect the most important part of our leadership—the soul. We run so hard eventually we give out, give up, and give in. We become people operating with a thousand-yard stare. Even if we experience success as others define success, it rings hollow in our own ears.

    Drink In is not about learning the latest, greatest leadership strategy. Rather, it is about taking time to slow down and invest in the parts of you that are incalculable when it comes to what you bring to the table at your company, your church, your community, and your family.

    This book is for a CEO of large company, a pastor trying to grow his church, or a team leader of a medium sized business. It is for the mom bringing leadership to her children. It is for the night janitor who realizes he can lead not only himself, but others around him through his example.

    Take time to Drink In this work and emerge a different person on the other side.

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  • THE ARMOIRE by Ione Joy

    What secrets are hidden inside the armoire?

    Maxine, a psychology major from Wisconsin, has always wondered what her grandmother kept locked away in her armoire. But when she inherits it, Maxine unlocks something divine and wonderful that's to lead her to the answer of her life's biggest question — what is my purpose? She embarks on a journey that opens her eyes, opens her heart, and lights a fire in her soul. She's shown things that people only dream of, as well as the things of nightmares. Inspired, Maxine sets her life on a new course, but life comes with pain, just as it does joy. Shaken by a devastating discovery, she has to learn to trust God to go where she cannot and protect who she cannot. Will she be able to stay the course, or will the discovery be too much for her to bear?

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  • VOYAGE: A MEMOIR OF LOVE, WAR, AND EVER AFTER by Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick

    A WORLD AT WAR . . .

    A lonely sailor without a sawbuck to spare. A gorgeous socialite on the home front. Letters soaked in longing. Secrets taken to the grave. Easy births. Hard deaths. And dogs —dogs aplenty.

    They say love conquers all, but will bonds forged by Lt. N. Robert Underhill and Miss Merrilee Meier during World War II survive the peaks and valleys of peacetime?

    Across their 58-year-marriage, Bob and Merrilee confront holiday fiascoes and funeral foul-ups, windless regattas and catastrophic tornadoes, a medical crisis and a financial reversal. But rearing six kids is the ultimate test of a love that began with a letter.

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Our Fall Reading Selections

  • Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir


    Jim Landwehr and his brothers pursue their love of the outdoors by tackling some of the country's most remote terrain, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. While encountering crazed loons, widow-making portages, and temperamental automobiles, they also discover more about each other and their long deceased father. In recent years, with a desire to instill their love of the area into their own children, they include them in their voyages, and the legacy continues. Their exploits are woven throughout with humor, emotion, and warmth.

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  • As the Leaves Kiss the Stream

    as the LEAVES kiss the STREAM

    ... a story about a father and his seventeen-year-old daughter. He is a missionary; she is a problem.

    Together they go camping and fly fishing in the Ozarks. Together they clash and argue.

    Then one cold, October morning as they fly fished beside the pure water of the stream, together they learned something about grace.

    For the tears of a father ... are as the tears of God ...
    that fall silently and caress the one beloved,
    much as the autumn leaves
    that gently fall and kiss the stream.

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  • Diamond Duty by Dan Verner

    In the spring of 1861, nineteen-year-old Caleb Dillard leaves his bride of a few months to fight for the Confederacy with the Eighth Virginia Infantry Regiment, but his part of the war only lasts ten minutes as he and some of his comrades are captured near Fairfax Courthouse and put in the Old Capitol Prison. There he not only experiences hardship and camaraderie with his fellow soldiers, but also learns to play baseball, a game the Union soldiers brought with them during the war. Caleb’s team plays the guards, other military teams,and even some local professional teams, including the Washington Nationals.

    Caleb’s team rapidly improves, but then he becomes involved in a plot fostered by a wealthy war widow from Georgetown. Her schemes put him—and his family—in danger, and Caleb must make difficult choices while managing to survive. Diamond Duty will appeal to baseball fans and Civil War buffs alike, and readers will find the same warmth of characterization and steady pulse of events in this book that they found in Dan Verner’s Beyond the Blue Horizon series.

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  • The Redemption of Pontius PIlate


    Lucius Pontius Pilate was a Roman on the rise, an ambitious nobleman serving with ruthless efficiency as a confidential agent of the Emperor Tiberius Caesar. A respected member of the Roman Senate, Pilate harbored a cruel streak that Tiberius used to strike fear into the Empire's enemies. Pilate was on his way to the peak of Roman society when a disastrous encounter with the loathsome Gaius Caligula, Tiberius' heir, ended with him being disgraced and sent into exile as Prefect to the armpit of the Roman Empire: the province of Judea.

    In this desert land, where political rebellion and religious fanaticism bloomed like flowers in the spring, Pilate's life became entwined with that of Jesus of Nazareth, the enigmatic leader of a new religious sect. Bullied into sending Jesus to the cross by the local religious leaders, Pilate is tormented with guilt and nightmares, unable to wash away the blood on his hands. But when the death of Tiberius elevates Caligula to the Imperial throne, Pilate may have no choice but to flee for refuge to the disciples of the Man he crucified. But will they accept him?


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eLectio Blog

  • eLectio Publishing is HIRING! +

    As the year has steadily progressed, we are proud to say that we are growing again. As you may already know, eLectio Publishing is a faith-based publisher that supports independent

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  • And the Winner Is . . . +

    Facebook Pic

    For those of you who have been with us for quite some time, and are part of our extended family, we want to always remain thankful for your support of

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  • Win a Kindle Fire HD 6 +

    It's that time of year again. And we're not just talking about the warmer weather.

    It's time for another eLectio Publishing giveaway, as our way of saying thank you to

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  • On the Value of Entertainment +

    Regardless of our individual backgrounds and regardless of what we believe politically and spiritually, most of us across the globe share at least some commonalities. We're often reminded of how

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  • On Faith, Family, and Laughter +

    It's Christmas Time and from all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas!

    For those of you who stop by from time to time, we hope you've been able

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What Authors Are Saying

  • Parker J. Cole

    "Working with eLectio has been a pleasure. They are professional, trustworthy, and fully vested in your product. eLectio stands behind you and your work. As an author, I could not have asked for a better publisher. Thank you for everything you've done for me and I look forward to a long and lasting partnership."

    -- Parker J. Cole, author of Many Strange Women

  • Lewis Ben Smith

    "I cannot say enough good things about eLectio. They were willing to take a chance on an unknown, first-time author and have been a delight to work with every step of the way! Here's to a long, blessed, and mutually profitable relationship!"

    -- Lewis Ben Smith, author of The Testimonium

  • Joanna Kurowska

    "You wouldn't believe how eLectio Publishing has grown since its inception two years ago. I have a warm spot in my heart for the company, because I believe I was one of their first authors, and it was such a wonderful experience."

    -- Joanna Kurowska, poet and author of The Wall & Beyond

  • Debbie Richard

    "I feel blessed to have found eLectio Publishing and I recommend them to other writers. eLectio did a wonderful job publishing my memoir in May. The final product was very professionally done and one that I was proud to share. They are very approachable and stand behind their authors, often with encouraging words. Thank you for helping make my dream come true!"

    -- Debbie Richard, author of Hills of Home

  • George Dalton

    "[eLectio Publishing has] done every single thing they promised me they would do and they did it when the said they would do it.... I pray that they will become a giant in the industry."

    -- George Dalton, author of A Collision of Dreams

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